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"Ignorance Breeds Fear." October 31st 1995.

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"Ignorance Breeds Fear." October 31st 1995.




A newspaper article typed in faded black ink. At the top of the article, the title says "Ignorance Breeds Fear" and is written in bold letters in black ink. The color of the paper is light gray. There is a square inserted into the middle of the article. Inside the square, bold, italicized letters quote the author: "Really, Dr. Nagy, the day of the self-loathing queer is long gone."


Keith Brand


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I was quite sorry to read Dr. Douglas Nagy's recent editorial concerning homosexuality. It is distressing to see such uninformed opinions coming from the supposedly
enlightened academic community.

Dr. Nagy seeks to condemn homosexuality
by associating it with pedophilia and adultery, two morally
disturbing practices that statistics have shown are overwhelmingly, and ironically, associated with heterosexuals. It leads me to think It leads me to think that the roots of this vehement dislike of homosexuals stems more from ignorance. Really, Dr. Nagy, the day of the self-loathing queer is long gone. And those who "experiment" with homosexuality, as if it were some chemical reaction that could be avoided, are not doomed to "make themselves and others miserable." Quite the contrary. Most gays and lesbians live happy and healthy lives.

Homosexuals are your doctors, policemen, congressmen, and yes, even professors. Most want the security of family, the love of another person, and the right to live in peace just like you. Whereas Dr. Nagy complains about the censoring of one of his former colleagues, gays and lesbians are faced everyday with increased levels of violence, teen suicide three times the national average, and public policy like Colorado's Amendment: 2. While I feel for his colleague, let's put things in perspective.

Most current research has shown a positive change in attitude toward homosexuality when the respondent merely knows someone who is gay. The real concern of the ideologues is not the moral direction of our country, but the protection of their dirty little secret. They are deathly afraid the world will figure out that lesbians and gays are just like them. Homosexuality has been a part of civilization for as long as there has been civilization. May I suggest that it is Dr. Nagy who is in the closet. As it is a safe bet he has taught literally hundreds of lesbians and gay students in his classes and is probably acquainted with many others, his rather narrow definition of morality wouldn't allow him to see these people as friends.

Perhaps there is the tragedy.

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Keith Brand, “"Ignorance Breeds Fear." October 31st 1995. ,” Digital History at Ursinus, accessed August 10, 2020,