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Stein’s Effusions Embody Dodge and the Revolutionary Concept of “The Villa Curonia”

Mabel Dodge was the subject of dozens of portraits by painters, photographers, and perhaps most notably, Gertrude Stein. Stein worked in her medium of choice and…

Mabel Dodge and the Steins: The Spirit of “The New”

Among intellectuals, artists, and revolutionaries who passed through the gates of Villa Curonia during Dodge’s time in Florence, the Steins were a pair that stood out. Gertrude Stein is one of…

Mabel Dodge: She’s Not Fickle, She’s an Early Feminist

Not long after her arrival in Paris, Mabel Evans became Mabel Dodge upon marrying Edwin Dodge, a well-known architect and budding Bohemian. Though still participating in the institution of…

From Mother to the Active Muse

Somewhere between Buffalo, New York and her first stop in Europe, Paris, Mabel Evans began her transformation from the wealthy daughter of American aristocracy into the vibrant socialite and advocate of the ‘The…

Image of Villa Curonia in Florence Italy
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