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The Loneliness of The New Woman: Dodge’s Short Story Displays Bohemian Women’s Disenchantment with Love Caused by Male Domination

“The Parting” depicts the choice Dodge faced in leaving her lover John Reed, between giving herself completely to…

Dodge’s “The Quarrel” Displays the Impact of the Poisonous Patriarchy on Bohemia

Mabel Dodge’s short story “The Quarrel” clearly outlines the web of conflicts created by women’s subordinate role in society at the dawn of the 20th century despite…

Dodge and Sanger Pioneering Female Sexual Liberation

Mabel Dodge and Margaret Sanger’s relationship illustrates Dodge’s quest to forge equality in heterosexual relationships and liberate the individual. Specifically, Dodge’s work with Sanger…

Edwin Dodge: The Figure Head to the Ship Headed for Divorce

If there ever was a real attraction between Mabel Dodge and Edwin Dodge, it was a brief romp at the very best. Dodge married Edwin almost immediately upon her arrival to Europe. The…
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