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Romanticizing Subordination: Dodge’s Magical Love Tale Glorifies the Inequality in Heterosexual Bohemian Relationships

Dodge’s “The Eye of the Beholder” depicts the destructive and passionate tendencies of the typical Bohemian relationship in a…

Mabel’s “The Mirror”: A Thesis on Herself

Though not the most notable literary achievement, Mabel Dodge’s “The Mirror” employs poetic devices to display how she perceived her role in the modernism movement and in history more generally. Dodge…

A Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose: Stein’s Poetry Mirrors Dodge’s Persona as a Muse, Modernist, and Feminist

To view Dodge through Stein’s application of literary devices displays Dodge’s expansive impact on modernism. Stein's poem "Sacred…

The Unexplainable Individual

Hutchins Hapgood’s characterization in his letter to Mabel Dodge illustrates how Dodge’s radical dissociation from labels like “love” and “marriage” expanded how a relationship was defined during her time and the…

Mabel Dodge’s Literary Counterpart, Edith Dale

Carl Van Vechten’s Peter Whiffle was published in 1922 and was basically a parody of 1913 Bohemia in New York City. Van Vechten models most of the characters off of real figures from the point of…

The Bohemian Battle of the Sexes

Enemies by Neith Boyce can be seen as an outline of the struggles of women living in The Village during Mabel Dodge’s stay. The title, Enemies, conveys how women like Dodge and Boyce felt their struggles to love…

Stein’s Effusions Embody Dodge and the Revolutionary Concept of “The Villa Curonia”

Mabel Dodge was the subject of dozens of portraits by painters, photographers, and perhaps most notably, Gertrude Stein. Stein worked in her medium of choice and…

Mabel Dodge Marketing Modernism and Deeming Herself the Champion of “The New”

Mabel Dodge’s article for the March 1913 addition of Arts and Decorations brought modernism to the public while simultaneously glamorizing the notion of “The New”.…

Dodge’s Spirit of the New Delivers Modernism to New York

Dodge was passionate about the idea of basically “new” anything. If the work or the person was doing something not done before, Dodge was excited. More than just excited by it, she wanted…

Crafting the Stage for “Evenings” to Come

Unlike Dodge’s entrance in Paris, Dodge’s arrival in New York City was much messier and less jubilant. Despite her attempts at divorce, Dodge had yet to successfully distance herself from Edwin…
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