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Mabel Dodge Marketing Modernism and Deeming Herself the Champion of “The New”

Mabel Dodge’s article for the March 1913 addition of Arts and Decorations brought modernism to the public while simultaneously glamorizing the notion of “The New”.…

Dodge’s Spirit of the New Delivers Modernism to New York

Dodge was passionate about the idea of basically “new” anything. If the work or the person was doing something not done before, Dodge was excited. More than just excited by it, she wanted…

Witter Bynner wasn't as well known in New York City as he would become in Santa Fe, where he would cross paths with Dodge's crowd again. Dodge is the center of art work by a sprawling variety of poets, painters, and artists across Bohemia, which…

Dodge’s Open Letter in Attacks Opposition of “The New”

Dodge’s defense the spirit of the new and the production of The Armory Show in her piece “To Conservatives,” published in January of 1913 in the public periodical, The New York Globe,…

Mabel Dodge and Hutch Hapgood had a complicated relationship for Dodge's days in New York. It isn't clear if they ever acted on their feelings of attraction that are expressed in their dozens of letters between each other, but ultimately Hapgood…
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