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Romanticizing Subordination: Dodge’s Magical Love Tale Glorifies the Inequality in Heterosexual Bohemian Relationships

Dodge’s “The Eye of the Beholder” depicts the destructive and passionate tendencies of the typical Bohemian relationship in a…

The Loneliness of The New Woman: Dodge’s Short Story Displays Bohemian Women’s Disenchantment with Love Caused by Male Domination

“The Parting” depicts the choice Dodge faced in leaving her lover John Reed, between giving herself completely to…

Eastman’s “Parody” of Dodge Illuminates More Sneaky Sexism in “The Village”

Max Eastman’s novel Venture features a character clearly inspired by Mabel Dodge named Mary Kittredge. Dodge’s fictional representation by Eastman conveys her legendarily…

Contentment in the Self: Mabel Dodge Finds Strength in Herself After Reed

Dodge’s “Two Contentments” establishes how Mabel Dodge felt it was important for women especially to find fulfillment and meaning in themselves. Dodge understood the need…

“If I contradict myself, well, then, I contradict myself.”

Mabel Dodge was a walking contradiction. Her position as both a high society woman and a Bohemian already shows how Dodge was torn between more than two worlds. She was between sides of…

Dodge’s “The Quarrel” Displays the Impact of the Poisonous Patriarchy on Bohemia

Mabel Dodge’s short story “The Quarrel” clearly outlines the web of conflicts created by women’s subordinate role in society at the dawn of the 20th century despite…

Mabel Dodge’s Literary Counterpart, Edith Dale

Carl Van Vechten’s Peter Whiffle was published in 1922 and was basically a parody of 1913 Bohemia in New York City. Van Vechten models most of the characters off of real figures from the point of…

Stein’s Effusions Embody Dodge and the Revolutionary Concept of “The Villa Curonia”

Mabel Dodge was the subject of dozens of portraits by painters, photographers, and perhaps most notably, Gertrude Stein. Stein worked in her medium of choice and…

Mabel Dodge Organizes New York City’s First Real “Open Mic?”

Dodge’s memoir shows that she herself didn’t technically coin the title of her gatherings as “Evenings”. But Dodge’s recordings of conversations with Lincoln Steffens reveal her role in…

Mabel’s Purposeful “Collection” of Divergent, Differing, and Diverse Individuals

Mabel Dodge doesn’t take a long time to get to know the “Movers and Shakers” of wherever she sets up shop. By the time she’s finished decorating her apartment and…
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