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“If I contradict myself, well, then, I contradict myself.”

Mabel Dodge was a walking contradiction. Her position as both a high society woman and a Bohemian already shows how Dodge was torn between more than two worlds. She was between sides of…

Mabel Dodge: She’s Not Fickle, She’s an Early Feminist

Not long after her arrival in Paris, Mabel Evans became Mabel Dodge upon marrying Edwin Dodge, a well-known architect and budding Bohemian. Though still participating in the institution of…

Portrait done of Mabel Dodge by Hall. The image is still done in a very Victorian style, which illustrates Dodge has yet to become more immersed in Bohemian culture. Her later portraits are all much more stylized, while this one is even presented in…

Portrait taken of Mabel Dodge before one of her Evenings. This image is extremely interesting to view in contrast to the one taken just a decade earlier of her the very Victorian and delicate pose. In this image Dodge has fully taken on her…

Mabel poses for portrait at the Villa Curonia. Dodge is wearing what she would call one of her "Renaissance" outfits. Dodge obviously liked to be over the top, and fashion was certainly an area she experimented in. Dodge liked the grace of the…

Portrait of Mabel Dodge done by J. J. Pearson. This portrait is interesting because it was done before some of the more radical ones of her seated in a turban but is also interesting for its artistic composition. This image is very experimental for a…

Image of Villa Curonia in Florence Italy
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