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I.W.W. Poster for the Pageant

Despite Antique Wording, Dodge Sheds Light on Labor Injustice

Dodge uses her column for the Washington News to shed light on the injustice of labor in a capitalist system. Despite “fluffy” wording and some racist undertones, the ideas Dodge…

Mabel Dodge as a Patron and Active Participant in Social Progress

Mabel Dodge’s active role as both patron and a participant in the early labor reform movements taking place in Greenwich Village was vital to the successful execution of the…

Dodge’s Involvement Counteracts Opposition

Overdramatic demonization of the efforts of the I. W. W. at the Paterson Pageant and other strikes can be seen in newspapers in the city during the days of the strike and production of the pageant.…

Mabel Dodge and John Reed were lovers for a time during Dodge's days in Greenwich Village. Dodge would become infatuated with Reed, but through her passion for him, she would discover she did not wish to be valued for her sexuality but that she…
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