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Despite Antique Wording, Dodge Sheds Light on Labor Injustice

Dodge uses her column for the Washington News to shed light on the injustice of labor in a capitalist system. Despite “fluffy” wording and some racist undertones, the ideas Dodge…

Why is Mabel Dodge Writing About Livers?

No, seriously. Why is Mabel Dodge writing about livers? Dodge performed well in a wide range of fields. Dodge was an artist, a reformer, and an overall orchestrator of all things radical about Greenwich…

Report of the Tannebaum case mentioned in other news reports of Dodge's involvement in the trial.

News Front the Front as Brought to America by Mabel Dodge

Mabel Dodge seems like the mostly unlikely person to be writing about World War One. Dodge runs in circles of artists like Mina Loy, Lincoln Steffens, and Neith Boyce, who are…

Floyd Dell’s Marketing of Feminism to Man

Floyd Dell’s “Feminism for Men” illustrates the complicated gender-based struggle of Bohemian women. Women of Bohemia, like Mabel Dodge, were forced to navigate a male-dominated world of artists and…

Dodge is Self-Involved Yet Self Aware

Dodge possesses an extremely interesting and complex quality of both presenting herself as somewhat flippant and vain while at the same time persistently illustrating that she is self-aware. In this excerpt…

Picture of Upton Sinclair
Dodge’s role as an organizer is illustrated in the huge quantity and diversity of correspondence she sent and received. In the key projects she worked on, like the Armory Show or the Paterson Pageant, Dodge tends to take on the role of the point…

Dodge’s Memoir Diverges into a Romance Novel Over Reed

Dodge’s own accounts from her memoir of the organization of the Paterson Pageant and her relationship with John Reed illustrate not only her key role in the formation of the event, but…

Mabel Dodge as a Patron and Active Participant in Social Progress

Mabel Dodge’s active role as both patron and a participant in the early labor reform movements taking place in Greenwich Village was vital to the successful execution of the…

Dodge’s Involvement Counteracts Opposition

Overdramatic demonization of the efforts of the I. W. W. at the Paterson Pageant and other strikes can be seen in newspapers in the city during the days of the strike and production of the pageant.…
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