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Hapgood’s “Shout Out” Acknowledges Dodge’s Achievements

Hutchins Hapgood’s column on Mabel Dodge shows that Dodge’s contemporaries were aware of her achievements and transfixed by her aesthetic. Hapgood paints her as a sort of urban legend, and…

The Unexplainable Individual

Hutchins Hapgood’s characterization in his letter to Mabel Dodge illustrates how Dodge’s radical dissociation from labels like “love” and “marriage” expanded how a relationship was defined during her time and the…

Mabel Dodge, Everybody’s Muse

Dodge was an individual who was fascinated with making an image of herself. Mabel Dodge was essentially a walking art piece, which might explain why Dodge is not as well known in the present compared to her…

Mabel’s Purposeful “Collection” of Divergent, Differing, and Diverse Individuals

Mabel Dodge doesn’t take a long time to get to know the “Movers and Shakers” of wherever she sets up shop. By the time she’s finished decorating her apartment and…
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