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Alum Jacob M. Hoke died on in February 1935, but not before contributing $500 to Ursinus College, as conditioned by his will.

This article celebrates Ursinus' largest enrolling Freshman class to date. A list of the incoming Freshman is provided, with their places of origin as well.

The author of this article chastises college students for failing to use their intellect to address matters of great importance both foreign and domestic. The author calls them out as the Neros of today, referencing the Roman emperor's indifferent…

The danger posed by the demagogue Huey Long to America's financially besieged democracy

Ticket sales for the Junior Prom are encouraging

Two impersonations of German women presented at the Women's Debating Club leads to criticism of Hitler's oppressive policies in Germany.

This article disproves the notion that colleges are hotbeds for radicalism and revolutionary doctrine, with its assurance that conservatism remains the dominant political thought on campus.

The need for reform in Pennsylvania's relief operations, as well as Ursinus' F.E.R.A. program.

Current Affairs examination reveals that Ursinus students aren't well informed about modern news events; it seems as though differing political opinions, and not ignorance, led to this result.

Members of the International Relations Club react to Hitler's efforts to rearm Germany in complete defiance of the Treaty of Versailles.
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