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Dodge Supports and Cultivates Loy’s Feminist Declaration Decades Ahead of 20th Century Society

Mina Loy’s “Feminist Manifesto” is a century ahead of its time. The radical ideology presented by Loy was cultivated and supported by Mabel Dodge’s…

Dodge’s Pedestal of Privilege

From Dodge’s work in the “Cult of the Orgasm” to her involvement with both radical socialist and anarchist factions of the labor reform movement with leaders like John Reed, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Big Bill…

Mabel Dodge: Bohemia’s Guru

Mabel Dodge existed as Bohemia’s all around Guru, whether it was love, reform, or art. Dodge strove to learn from the forerunners of just about every topic, from psychoanalysis to sex, in order to position herself on…

Mabel Dodge De-radicalizing Reform

Dodge serves as a bridge between radicals in art and reform and that role is evident in her contributions to the labor reform movement. Dodge’s active involvement and willingness to speak out about the Tannebaum…

Mabel Dodge and Hutch Hapgood had a complicated relationship for Dodge's days in New York. It isn't clear if they ever acted on their feelings of attraction that are expressed in their dozens of letters between each other, but ultimately Hapgood…

Robert Edmund Jones is another example of someone whose artistic enterprises Dodge supported. He exists similarly to Mina Loy in that Dodge maintained connection with Jones through correspondence. Jones worked in theater products and Dodge financed…

Dodge’s Open Letter in Attacks Opposition of “The New”

Dodge’s defense the spirit of the new and the production of The Armory Show in her piece “To Conservatives,” published in January of 1913 in the public periodical, The New York Globe,…

Witter Bynner wasn't as well known in New York City as he would become in Santa Fe, where he would cross paths with Dodge's crowd again. Dodge is the center of art work by a sprawling variety of poets, painters, and artists across Bohemia, which…

Image of Villa Curonia in Florence Italy

Dodge Serves as Stein’s Bridge to the Public

Dodge brings Gertrude Stein’s name to the public in Florence and later in America. Dodge is somewhat responsible for her increased notoriety on both sides of the Atlantic. Stein’s relationship with…
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