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Olevian Literary Society Minutes Title Page.jpg
The title page from the first book of Minutes of the Olevian Literary Society.

Commencement 1884 Front.jpg
A pamphlet of the 1884 Commencement the year in which the first two women, Minerva Weinberger and Bertha Hendricks, graduated. Minvera was valedictorian. This includes the front, inside, and back.

Autograph Book.jpg
An autograph book containing the signature and writing of Bertha Hendricks and Minvera (Minnie) Weinberger the first two women to graduate Ursinus. Included is the cover, Bertha's page, and Minerva's page.

Alumni Journal-Vol86-82-1997-2000.pdf
A piece written about the athletic director, Brian Thomas's, experience while serving in Vietnam.

A Ursinus Weekly article that tells the events of Junior Prom in 1905. (Article on top right)

Alumni Journal-Vol62-64-1964-1966.pdf
A piece written about the various Ursinus men servicing in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

Alumni Journal-Vol57-61-1959-63.pdf
A written piece by Jean Sillcox who lived in Vietnam with her husband who was in the military for a couple years beginning in 1958.

An article in the Ursinus Weekly in which two women, Misses Neff and Duyrea, hosted the sophomore class and entertained them with food and games. (Article is in the middle on the left)

A article in the Ursinus Weekly that recalls the Halloween party Olevian Hall threw in 1904. (Article is in the middle on the right)

Student submitted pieces to the Lantern
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