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1903 Ruby- 87.jpg
A list of the members of the 1903 Zwinglian Literary Society. The members are organized by class year with the academy students also included.

Glenwood Memorial 1962.jpg
A photograph of the memorial for the Pennsylvania Female College on Glenwood Avenue.

Carol Clark Lawrence 1973.jpg
Photograph of Carol Clark Lawrence one of the first African American women to graduate from Ursinus.

Olevian Hall 1891.jpg
A photograph of Olevian Hall.

Ursinus College A History of its First Hundred Years-34.jpg
The caption at the top gives a brief description of Prospect Terrace and early hosing for women. The photograph is of Prospect Terrace.

Ursinus College A History of its First Hundred Years-32.jpg
The two pages give a history of the Pennsylvania Female College, only a few blocks from Ursinus College. The college closed in 1880. An artist's depiction of the building is included.

Ursinus College A History of its First Hundred Years-30.jpg
The caption below the photo is the history of Shreiner Hall and how it came to be a women's dorm. The photograph is of Shreiner Hall.

Olevian Literary Society Minutes Pg. 4.jpg
Page four of the Olevian Literary Society Minutes. This is the end of the second meeting on Jan 15, 1885. (Transcription Included)
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