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Hapgood’s “Shout Out” Acknowledges Dodge’s Achievements

Hutchins Hapgood’s column on Mabel Dodge shows that Dodge’s contemporaries were aware of her achievements and transfixed by her aesthetic. Hapgood paints her as a sort of urban…

Artistic Advice: Mabel Dodge to Leo Stein

Leo and Gertrude Stein would become some of Mabel Dodge’s most intimate friends and confidants. Their friendships would feature some slight discordance. Dodge and the Steins met in Paris during the dawn…

Photo of set up of "Bound East for Cardiff" performed a year after the theater was launched with "Constancy"
Boyce’s Constancy Stages the Inconstancy of Male Ideology and Action in Greenwich Village

Neith Boyce’s Constancy depicts Mabel Dodge’s relationship with John Reed in order to glorify Dodge’s radical assertions of autonomy while also…

Crafting the Stage for “Evenings” to Come

Unlike Dodge’s entrance in Paris, Dodge’s arrival in New York City was much messier and less jubilant. Despite her attempts at divorce, Dodge had yet to successfully distance herself from Edwin…

Dodge and Sanger Pioneering Female Sexual Liberation

Mabel Dodge and Margaret Sanger’s relationship illustrates Dodge’s quest to forge equality in heterosexual relationships and liberate the individual. Specifically, Dodge’s work with…


Dodge Sees a Future for Equal Love and Marriage

Despite struggling in her own life with how the subordinate role of women prevented their full participation in open marriages, Dodge consistently looks forward to the future and believes in the…

Dodge Serves as Stein’s Bridge to the Public

Dodge brings Gertrude Stein’s name to the public in Florence and later in America. Dodge is somewhat responsible for her increased notoriety on both sides of the Atlantic. Stein’s relationship…

Dodge’s Spirit of the New Delivers Modernism to New York

Dodge was passionate about the idea of basically “new” anything. If the work or the person was doing something not done before, Dodge was excited. More than just excited by it, she…

Edwin Dodge: The Figure Head to the Ship Headed for Divorce

If there ever was a real attraction between Mabel Dodge and Edwin Dodge, it was a brief romp at the very best. Dodge married Edwin almost immediately upon her arrival to Europe. The…

The Bohemian Battle of the Sexes

Enemies by Neith Boyce can be seen as an outline of the struggles of women living in The Village during Mabel Dodge’s stay. The title, Enemies, conveys how women like Dodge and Boyce felt their struggles to love…
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