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Mabel Dodge De-radicalizing Reform

Dodge serves as a bridge between radicals in art and reform and that role is evident in her contributions to the labor reform movement. Dodge’s active involvement and willingness to speak out about the…

Mabel Dodge’s Literary Counterpart, Edith Dale

Carl Van Vechten’s Peter Whiffle was published in 1922 and was basically a parody of 1913 Bohemia in New York City. Van Vechten models most of the characters off of real figures from the point of…

Emma Goldman’s Radical Publication Diversifies the Conversation on Class and Labor Reform

Mabel Dodge’s role in facilitating discussions in the Village is revolutionary. Dodge’s modernist ideals about discovering new pathways of knowledge…

Floyd Dell’s Marketing of Feminism to Man

Floyd Dell’s “Feminism for Men” illustrates the complicated gender-based struggle of Bohemian women. Women of Bohemia, like Mabel Dodge, were forced to navigate a male-dominated world of artists…

Mabel Ganson age 5 at the Ganson home in Buffalo New York

Dodge Serves as Stein’s Bridge to the Public

Dodge brings Gertrude Stein’s name to the public in Florence and later in America. Dodge is somewhat responsible for her increased notoriety on both sides of the Atlantic. Stein’s relationship…

Stein’s Effusions Embody Dodge and the Revolutionary Concept of “The Villa Curonia”

Mabel Dodge was the subject of dozens of portraits by painters, photographers, and perhaps most notably, Gertrude Stein. Stein worked in her medium of…

A Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose: Stein’s Poetry Mirrors Dodge’s Persona as a Muse, Modernist, and Feminist

To view Dodge through Stein’s application of literary devices displays Dodge’s expansive impact on modernism. Stein's poem…

Portrait done of Mabel Dodge by Hall. The image is still done in a very Victorian style, which illustrates Dodge has yet to become more immersed in Bohemian culture. Her later portraits are all much more stylized, while this one is even presented in…

The Unexplainable Individual

Hutchins Hapgood’s characterization in his letter to Mabel Dodge illustrates how Dodge’s radical dissociation from labels like “love” and “marriage” expanded how a relationship was defined during her…
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