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Our Play, Monday, December 2, 1968, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly satirical editorial in the form of a play lampooning Ursinus' unclear justice process

The Crucible Article, Thursday, December 8, 1966, Ursinus Weekly.png
Ursinus Weekly article reviewing the Curtain Club's production of "The Crucible" (Arthur Miller)

1960 Ruby, Curtain Club Page.png
This is the Curtain Club's 1960 Ruby Page. There is no mention of the executive board. There is a description of the distinguished "Stars and Players" group within the Curtain Club.

1940 Ruby, Curtain Club Page (created 1930!).png
This is the Curtain Club's 1940 Ruby page. It describes the club and discusses the Alpha Psi Omega fraternity. The executive board members are Francis H. Thierolf (President), Marthella Anderson (Vice-President), Edna E. Hesketh (Secretary), Kenneth…

1928 Ruby, Curtain Club Description.png
This is a 1928 Ruby excerpt of The Curtain Club and a description of what it is. It is the first time the Curtain Club was ever mentioned in an Ursinus text as an organization.

1950 Ruby, Curtain Club Page.png
This is the Curtain Club's 1950 Ruby page. It shows an image from the production "Pygmalion," but does not include a list of the executive board members. There is an photo of the members.

1968 Ruby, Curtain Club Page.png
This is the Curtain Club's 1968 Ruby page. This is the last mention of the Curtain Club in the Ruby collection. It also mentions the Alpha Psi Omega fraternity. There is an image of the executive board, but no distinction between members except for…

1969 Ruby, ProTheatre.png
This is the first appearance of ProTheatre in a Ruby yearbook. It is described as a "progressive, professional, productive dramatics organization." There are three images of members of the group.

1931 Ruby, Curtain Club Page.png
This is the Curtain Club's 1931 Ruby Page. It includes names of the executive board including Rebecca Price (President), Robert C. Miller (Vice-President), Lois W. Strickler (Secretary), and Clarence Cunard (Treasurer).

Curtain Club playbill from the production of "May Day Parents" at Ursinus College during 1950
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