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This article from the Ursinus Magazine writes about Crigler's relation to Ursinus and what it means to him now that he has graduated. It goes into specifics as to where Crigler ended up and how he is still tied to Ursinus College.

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Dennis Watson dispels onto students that, 'participation' and 'presence' will be major benefactors to a students success in and out of the classrooms of Ursinus. Watson quotes, "Getting busy" will allow students to take control and steer their…

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Paulette Patton looks back on her time here with handling the Bridge Program/ Crigler Institute at Ursinus before officially retiring her status as Multicultural Director at Ursinus College.

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A picture of Ms. Paulette Patton posing for the article written about her in 2014 relating to her retirement.

The article responds to white students' outcry in suggesting Crigler Institute's involvement of offering nonwhite students unfair academic advantages and the "self-segregation" they believe the program poses. While Ursinus upholds this program for…

This image captures W.R. Crigler and his fellow teammates in 1955.

This image capture W.R, Crigler and his fraternity brothers in 1955.

This image captures Dr. Crigler in his senior year of college.

This image captures W.R. Crigler and his fraternity brother during his senior year of college.

This is an image of W.R. Crigler pitching the baseball.
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