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6. SFARC Proposal_ Polemic pt. 3-Exchange.pdf
Student newspaper article detailing various student-made efforts to change campus policies

10. Distilled Bill Approved-Campus Demonstrations.pdf
Written account of UC Board response to proposed Student Rights Bill

9. Bill of Rights Drafted.pdf
Written manifestation of the Ursinus USGA's Ursinus Student Bill Of Rights

8. USGA Dress Code-First Victory Editorial.pdf
Written account of USGA vote on dress regulations

4. Lots of Protest-Polemic-whole opinion section.pdf
Student editorial concerning the Ursinus USGA and alcohol rules

7. Vietnam Moratorium-Reimert Dies.pdf
Written notification of Ursinus students on the death of William D. Reimert

5. More Protest-Skytop-Mass Meeting-Polemic cont_d.pdf
Student newspaper article detailing student assemblies and meetings with administration

11. 3rd Open Dorm Policy Approved-Curfew Extended for Women.pdf
Written student reflection on state and integrity of Ursinus College / Written documentation of curfew adjustment for female students

12 USGA Initiates Open Dorm Policy.pdf
Written account of USGA activity over Open Dorm policy

1. Open Parties-Girl Dies in Crash_ etc..pdf
Written documentation of student death
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