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Letter to Mabel Dodge from Mina Loy: 1914

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Letter to Mabel Dodge from Mina Loy: 1914


Sex, Gender, Marriage, and the New Woman


Mina Loy was a young woman who Dodge encountered during her travel in Europe and maintained contact with throughout her life, similarly to the Steins. Only for Loy, Dodge was something of a role model. In this particular correspondence, Loy is sending Dodge a script for a play she is writing. This action is just one example of how artists saw Dodge as the kind of person who was open to new ideas and receptive to work in its early stages. Dodge’s openness and acceptance is crucial for someone like Loy, who writes in a more radical nature than even Stein. Loy’s work is sexy. Barnet describes Mina Loy’s poetry and plays as radical because of their “lewd” and sexually explicit nature (5). Dodge’s position greatly benefits developing artists around her. Loy is just a case study of a role Dodge served for dozens of radical thinkers. Dodge is able to encourage and promote Loy’s creativity and spirit. Loy knows she is safe to speak freely with Dodge, which is evident in her effusive and confessional style in letters.

Loy, Mina. Letter to Mabel Dodge. 1914. MS. Mabel Dodge Luhan Collection.
Beinecke Library, New Haven.
Barnet, Andrea. All Night Party: The Women of Bohemia Greenwich Village and
Harlem. Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books, 2004. Print.


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Mabel Dodge Luhan Collection


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My darling Moose:
I am rather blue-- I've seen P and I'm frightfully in love and he HATES me. I do wish to run away with him to New York-- But there is no way financially at the present of settling the children-- and of procuring no WAR! To put an end to the daily passions of life—I wonder if hatred is the truth and love the lie—or whether even hatred is only jealousy—Don’t ever live and see the day when the man you want sides with the other ones name in the ultimate embrace. Philosophy is inadequate what are you on you all reacting to? Give all of what I’ve got left in the love to yourself and to the dear others. You are so far away—
Yours always
Being grounded in the wills of experience
So you know I am so glad she is joining him—let this all help them to defy destiny. I am writing what at first seemed to be a play—and is now a conversational review Love the sacred prostitute stranged into the world or other—If the idea interests you I will send you a copy—it’s quite lovely already, though I haven’t quite finished—the opening love scene is very amusing and the “prominent” suffrage leader is in it too.
Loy, Mina. Letter to Mabel Dodge. 1914. MS. Mabel Dodge Luhan Collection.
Beinecke Library, New Haven.

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