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Phi Alpha Psi 1987.png
Photograph of Phi Alpha Psi sorority from the 1987 Ruby yearbook.

Roving Reporter sororities 1993.jpg
Student responses to whether or not there is a double standard with how sororities are treated by administration. These interviews were in response to faculty being allowed to visit sororities pledging activities due to a sorority being caught…

shorter rush period impacts thoughts surrounding greeks.jpg
Details the new rules for rushing and how they will make a positive change to the Ursinus College Greek community.

The one sister of the national sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, in the 2005-2006 academic school year.

Sigma Gamma Rho 2007.png
A picture of the Sigma Gamma Rho sister in the 2007 Ruby Yearbook.

sorority life or sorority joke.jpg
An article critiquing the media's presence of sorority life and the inaccuracies.

Tau Sigma Gamma 2015.png
Photograph of Tau Sigma Gamma sorority from the 2015 Ruby.

upsilon phi delta 1993 yearbook photo.png
The first (and founding year) year the racially diverse Upsilon Phi Delta sorority was in the featured in the Ruby yearbook.

upsilon phi delta.png
Photograph of the Upsilon Phi Delta sorority from the 2003 Ruby yearbook.

Upsilon Phi Delta 2013.jpg
The last photograph of the racially diverse Upsilon Phi Delta sorority in the Ruby yearbook.
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