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“If I contradict myself, well, then, I contradict myself.”

Mabel Dodge was a walking contradiction. Her position as both a high society woman and a Bohemian already shows how Dodge was torn between more than two worlds. She was between sides…

Hapgood’s “Shout Out” Acknowledges Dodge’s Achievements

Hutchins Hapgood’s column on Mabel Dodge shows that Dodge’s contemporaries were aware of her achievements and transfixed by her aesthetic. Hapgood paints her as a sort of urban…

Mabel’s “The Mirror”: A Thesis on Herself

Though not the most notable literary achievement, Mabel Dodge’s “The Mirror” employs poetic devices to display how she perceived her role in the modernism movement and in history more…

Mabel Ganson age 5 at the Ganson home in Buffalo New York

Report of the Tannebaum case mentioned in other news reports of Dodge's involvement in the trial.


Dodge’s “The Quarrel” Displays the Impact of the Poisonous Patriarchy on Bohemia

Mabel Dodge’s short story “The Quarrel” clearly outlines the web of conflicts created by women’s subordinate role in society at the dawn of the 20th…

Dodge and Sanger Pioneering Female Sexual Liberation

Mabel Dodge and Margaret Sanger’s relationship illustrates Dodge’s quest to forge equality in heterosexual relationships and liberate the individual. Specifically, Dodge’s work with…


Dodge Sees a Future for Equal Love and Marriage

Despite struggling in her own life with how the subordinate role of women prevented their full participation in open marriages, Dodge consistently looks forward to the future and believes in the…

News Front the Front as Brought to America by Mabel Dodge

Mabel Dodge seems like the mostly unlikely person to be writing about World War One. Dodge runs in circles of artists like Mina Loy, Lincoln Steffens, and Neith Boyce, who are…
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