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Mulicultural campus on the way.jpg
Discusses how national trends in diversity will affect the student body at Ursinus.


A New Band of Brothers Comes to Ursinus.jpg
A new national fraternity, Sigma Pi-Theta Sigma recieved their charter

a question on diversity.png
A "Roving Reporter" Asks Students their opinions on the diversity of the campus. In it, many of the students specify one of two different opinions, that the campus lacks diversity, or it does not, and then explain why they think so in varying levels…

all greeks not greek.png
Discusses greek life and the positive parts of different organizations

Photograph of Alpha Chi Lambda 1930

1987 Alpha Chi Sigma.JPG
Photograph of the first year of the fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma in the 1987 Ruby.

1988 Alpha Chi Sigma.JPG
Photograph of the fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma in the 1988 Ruby.

Alpha Chi Sigma 1989.png
Photograph of Alpha Chi Sigma from the 1989 Ruby yearbook.

1990 Alpha Chi Sigma.JPG
The last year of Alpha Chi Sigma, now a co-ed fraternity, in the 1990 Ruby.

Alpha Delta Phi 2016.JPG
Photograh of the Alpha Delta Phi society in the 2016 yearbook
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