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Digital History at Ursinus

Brock Blomberg: 2015-Now

Photo of Brock Blomberg


Brock Blomberg became President of Ursinus on October 16th, 2015. He recieved his undergraduate degree from the University of Tampa and his masters and PhD from Johns Hopkins. Prior to his role as Ursinus President, Blomberg was the Dean of the Robert Day School of Economics at Claremont McKenna College in California. He was also on the faculty at Wellesley College in Massachussets as well as a visiting scholar at Harvard. He has also served in numerous roles in both the military and the govenrment. He was a senior adviser on the presidents council of  economic advisers and has worked with organizations such as the Internationa Monetary  Fund and the World Bank. In his inaugural address, Brock emphasized the importance of liberal arts and undergraduate research. 

Innovation and Discovery Center

During the short time Brock Blomberg has been president several projects and programs have been initiated at Ursinus. One such project has been the construction of the Innovation and Discovery Center. The $29 Million project began in July of 2017 and is designed to bolster undergraduate science research and foster creative and innovative thinking among students and faculty. 

Innovation and Discovery Center

Ursinus 150

Another project implemented by Brocks administration has been the Ursinus 150 campaign. The mission of the initiative is for Ursinus students to become "independent, responsible, and thoughtful individuals through a program of liberal education".  Some of the goals of the initiative, which refers to the 150th anniversary of Ursinus, are to improve liberal education at Ursinus, create a vibrant campus, and create long term financial sustainability.

Ursinus  150

Philadelphia Experience

A third initiative started by the Blomberg administration is the Philadelphia Experience. This unique program allows students to complete an internship in Philadelphia for one semester. Blomberg said the program will allow "faculty and students to work closely together in a manner that empowers the intellect, awakens moral sensitivity and challenges students to improve society” 


These are only a few of the programs and initaitives started by Brock Blomberg. After analyzing the accomplishments of past presidents and what President Blomberg has implemented so far, these questions remain: what are we going to expect in the future? What will Brock's legacy be? What will future presidents accomplish? It will be interesting to see how these questions are answered as Ursinus goes into the future.