The Fall of Greeks: Disappearing Fraternities from Ursinus College

Context and Argument 

Ursinus College campus used to be brimming with fraternities, especially in the 1980s. Fraternities have been started as early as 1925 to the last addition of a charter beginning in 2005. There are only a few fraternities still alive today at Ursinus. Our goal is to find out why fraternties at Ursinus College seem to be gradually disappearing from campus. Through primary source research on specific fraternties via Ruby yearbooks and Grizzly articles, we seek an internal answer to our question. Through secondary source resaerch, primarly sifting through academic databases, we seek to find am external or nation-wide answer to our question. Times are always changing.

Focus Group and Justification 

Additionally, we would like to make a distinction and justification for the type of fraternity we wil be focusing on throughout our project. We will be primarily be focusing on what we deem to be "traditional fraternities." Traditional fraternities are member based organizations that include a rushing process, pledging process, and a membership exclusive to men. We exclude academic fraternities and gender inclusive fraternities, because they do not face scrutiny or a declined prescence on campus. On the contrary, academic and gender inclusive fraternities are on the rise. We also acknowlege that local soroities face the same scrutiny and issues that traditional fraternities are currently going through. We scope of our project would be too large if we included them, therefore, we respectful acknowlege their issues and struggles here. 


Collin Fazziola, Kyle Rubino, Hunter Brown, Collin Mason