Letter by Robert Edmond Jones to Mabel Dodge Luhan


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Letter by Robert Edmond Jones to Mabel Dodge Luhan


Art, Modernism, and Bohemia


Robert Edmund Jones is another example of someone whose artistic enterprises Dodge supported. He exists similarly to Mina Loy in that Dodge maintained connection with Jones through correspondence. Jones worked in theater products and Dodge financed their writing of myriads of plays. Rudnick writes how Dodge actually “gave 'Bobbie' Jones a back room in her flat to play in. . . . There he slept, worked, and played with the miniature stages and stage accessories he gathered to develop his childlike gift for stage-making and decorating" (1687). Jones became a key figure in American theater and later would actually credit Mabel with “saving his physical life during the period of poverty when he lived at 23 Fifth Avenue and later with salvaging his emotional life, when she took up a subscription to send him to be analyzed by Carl Jung in Zurich” (Rudnick 1692).

Rudnick, Lois. Mabel Dodge Luhan: New Woman, New Worlds (Kindle Locations 1687-1692). University of New Mexico Press. Kindle Edition.


Robert Edmond Jones
Mabel Dodge


Mabel Dodge Luhan Collection


Beinecke Library


Ca. 1914


Mabel Dodge Luhan Collection


Mabel Dodge Luhan Collection


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The world we live in, as I see it, is animated and dominated by immense unseen spiritual energies which perpetually image themselves in the perpetually changing realtions of all living things to one another. It is the aim of all vital imaginative effort in the theatre to perceive everywhere in these changing relations of life, in the shifting patterns of our everyday existence, the outward tangible form of these invisible energies, and by setting in motion the rhythms and patterns of drama to call them into being in the midst of assembled multitudes. The theatre of the present offers to the creative artist an undreamed of opportunity, if he can grasp it, to recognize the movements of the titanic forces that urge and guide our own time and to reveal them to his fellow men in the flux and flow of life on his stage Such a revelation in the theatre of the spiritual energies of the world made manifest in us and through us fulfilling in us their own transcendent destiny would fuse and quicken the numberless aspirations of today into one common ideal and would illuminate all our activity with the blinding certainty of a new era of freedom as with the light of a strange new dawn.

Love, [Signature not legible]

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