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Mabel Dodge Materials


Documents and images part of the Mabel Dodge project.

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The Feminist Manifesto

Feminist Manifesto

The feminist movement as at present instituted is
Mina Loy, Feminist Manifesto

Women if you want to realize yourselves-you are on the eve of a devastating psychological upheaval-all your pet illusions must be…

Looking Ahead: An opinion piece by Mabel Dodge

Mabel Dodge Writes About Looking Ahead

There was a time when it was necessary for a man to look out for what was going on behind his back.

That was back in the time he was a savage.

He had to worry about what the other savages were thinking…

Mabel Dodge Decorating Advertisement

Is Prepared to assist in the furnishing and decorating of rooms, to supply ideas of her own or to express ideas suggested by her clients.


23 Fifth Avenue
New York City

Telephone Stuyvesant 2366

Fair Society Woman Defends I.W.W,; Is Neither an Anarchist Nor Socialist, But Think Unemployed Not to Blame

"I think that the unemployed are justified in doing anything to call public attention to their condition," Says Mrs. Mabel Dodge.

"Anything that's doesn't injure people," She qualifies-- "Of Course I don't believe in dynamite and that kind of…

Life Mask of Hutch Hapgood
Mabel Dodge and Hutch Hapgood had a complicated relationship for Dodge's days in New York. It isn't clear if they ever acted on their feelings of attraction that are expressed in their dozens of letters between each other, but ultimately Hapgood…

Letter by Robert Edmond Jones to Mabel Dodge Luhan

The world we live in, as I see it, is animated and dominated by immense unseen spiritual energies which perpetually image themselves in the perpetually changing realtions of all living things to one another. It is the aim of all vital imaginative…

To the Conservatives

January 1913
To Conservatives,
The time has come to make an answer to your impatient complaints. A mysterious smile no longer seems to be a sufficient reply. Bergson is on his way to us, the vigorous pioneers for renewed expression of life in art…

Sketch of Mabel Dodge By Witter Bynner
Witter Bynner wasn't as well known in New York City as he would become in Santa Fe, where he would cross paths with Dodge's crowd again. Dodge is the center of art work by a sprawling variety of poets, painters, and artists across Bohemia, which…

Villa Curonia
Image of Villa Curonia in Florence Italy

Dodge Serves as Stein’s Bridge to the Public: Postcard from Gertrude Stein to Mabel Dodge

Carte Postale


My Dear Mabel,

The long book is finished. I am sending it to America to see what it can do. If you want --- let it be known. You --. I will write you a better one.